Frustrated With A Cramped Storage Unit? 3 Tips For Opening It Up

Posted on: 25 July 2019
Renting a self storage unit can get frustrating when you suddenly find that you don't have enough space for all of your items. Whether you've just begun renting a storage unit only recently or you've had it for a long time and are simply running out of space, there are a lot of things that you can do to help make the storage unit appear larger and have more room for all of your things.
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How To Store Wooden Patio Furniture

Posted on: 21 January 2019
Wooden patio furniture provides a natural and rustic aesthetic to your outdoor entertaining space, but cold and inclement weather can take a toll on the structural integrity of your patio set. Instead of taking up limited space within your garage and the interior of your home, you should consider renting out a storage unit to keep your wooden patio furniture in until the summer weather returns. However, before doing so there are a few simple maintenance tasks that you should complete o ensure that your furniture stays in good condition while sitting idle over the fall and winter.
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How To Organize Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 12 September 2018
Nothing will deter most people from visiting their storage unit quite like opening it up only to find something that looks like it's out of an episode of "Hoarders". If you are sick of going out to your storage unit only to get right back in your car and leave because it's too disorganized, then it may be time to take matters into your own hands and organize your unit. This article will take a closer look at a few ways that you can make your storage unit a lot more accessible and easy to look through.
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Three FAQs When It Comes To Self-Storage

Posted on: 5 May 2018
Are your home and garage overflowing with stuff that you don't currently use, but you don't want to get rid of it? If so, you can do what nearly 11 million other Americans are doing in this type of situation, which is taking advantage of self-storage services. Before you go ahead and sign a rental agreement, though, there are some things you should know. Here are the answers to three frequently asked questions when it comes to self-storage.
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