3 Ways To Protect Your Boat's Engine Before It Goes Into Storage

Posted on: 13 July 2017

If you are done with your boat for the season, and are ready to put it into storage here are three maintenance tasks that you have to make sure that you complete before you put your boat in storage if you want your boat's engine to last a long time.

#1 Put In New Anti-Freeze

First, you need to drain out the anti-freeze that is currently in your boat. Then, put some water through the system in order to flush out any remaining anti-freeze. After you do that, put in the new antifreeze into your system – just make sure that you dilute it according to the direction on the package and for your boat.

Putting new antifreeze in your boat will help ensure that your boat's engine does not develop corrosion inside of it during the wintertime. It will also help ensure that the parts in your engine do not freeze, crack and get damaged during the wintertime storage period.

#2 Put In New Oil

Second, you need to put new oil into your vehicle as well. First, you are going to want to remove all the oil that is currently in your boat. Then, you are going to want to put in a new oil filter before filling your boat back up with oil.

Putting new oil in your boat will ensure that oil that has become contaminated with acid and/or water during the summer time doesn't sit inside of your boat for months, damaging the engine. New oil will protect your engine from corroding over the winter time.

#3 Apply Fogging Oil To Your Engine

Next, you are going to want to apply fogging oil to your engine. To do this, you are going to want to allow your engine to turn over without fully starting it. As your engine is turning over, you are going to want to apply fogging oil directly onto the carburetor and the spark plug holes on your engine. Make sure you identify and know where the spark plug holes and the carburetor is located before you turn over your engine; this is a task that you are going to need to completely quickly. Applying fogging oil to these parts will ensure that the elements of your engine that move are protected during winter storage time as well.

Make sure that you complete the three tasks above before you put your boat's engine into storage. These three simple maintenance tasks will protect your boat's engine from developing rust and getting damaged over the winter time. For more information, contact companies like Acorn Self Service Storage.