Store Construction Items Before Being Transported And Set Up A Work Camp For An Upcoming Job

Posted on: 1 August 2017

If your construction crew will be completing a large job out of town and you will be setting up a work camp on the site where the job is being performed, the following tips can be used to store items being transported and set up a work camp once you arrive.

Use Construction Containers For Tools, Safety Gear, Bedding And Tents

Purchase construction containers and label each one so that your crew members will be aware of the items stored inside of each unit. Designate one unit for tools, one for safety gear, and one for bedding and tents. If any items that are being placed inside of the containers have a lot of parts that could become damaged while in transit, add packing materials to the container before setting items inside of the container.

Place the construction containers inside of one of your work vehicles so that all of the items remain together throughout the trip to the worksite. Upon arrival erect the tents and place other items needed for work next to the job site.

Rent A Portable Restroom Facility, Wash Station, Tables, And Chairs

Contact a business that rents portable restrooms, wash stations, and furniture and designate a time for someone to drop off a bathroom unit, wash station, table, and chairs to the location where the job is being completed. Meet the person delivering the items so that you can direct them to a specific area where you would like the items set up.

During a work shift, your workers will be able to freshen up through the day without needing to leave the premises to locate a bathroom. Create a dining area by placing tables and chairs underneath a large canopy. You and your crew of workers can sit down and relax at the end of a shift while eating food and drinking cold beverages.

Pack Meals And Non-Perishable Items

Prepare large vats of food that can be used to serve meals to your workers. Chicken and rice, macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti are some simple dishes that will not require much effort to prepare. Pack the meals in plastic food containers. Label the containers with a description of each meal and the ingredients that were used to prepare each of them. Place the meals in a cooler that has dry ice inside of it so that the food items remain preserved.

Pack canned goods, dry noodles, dried fruit, and other non-perishable items. Fill a box with canned or bottled drinks. Purchase paper or plastic dinnerware and utensils so that you can toss out leftovers, dishes, and cutlery after each meal. For more information, contact companies like A & N Trailer Leasing Co Inc.