How To Store Away The Holidays The Right Way

Posted on: 10 August 2017

During the holidays, does your house transform into a museum of art? If this sounds like you, you're a serious decorator. Putting everything up and having it on display is the fun part, but storing it away can be quite the opposite. Here is a handful of tips that can make the process of putting away your decorations more efficient.

Get a Storage Unit

If you're a person that decorates for New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, and everything in between, a self storage unit will be your (and your family's) best friend. Not only will you have more space in your house, but you can use this space to keep everything more organized, allowing you to zone off the unit based on the holiday. Just make sure you're investing in a climate-controlled unit for enhanced protection. 

Clean Before You Store

It doesn't matter if it's the lights that lined the trees in your yard or the skirt that adorned the tree, cleaning is essential. For outside lights, there is always the possibility that insects could be hiding on the lights. If you store them with other objects, these insects could breed, infest the area, and damage your belongings. For items placed inside the home, there could be bacteria and other particles that could lead to fabric damage, including discoloration. No matter where you store your decorations, it's important to clean everything before putting it away.

Invest in Gadgets

Ornament storage chests and light storage systems aren't just a gimmick. They are tools for preservation that can protect your belongings and your sanity when you're unpacking. Take string lights, for example. If you toss the lights in a storage container, two things are likely to happen: some bulbs will be damaged, and there will be a tangled mess. Storage systems loop the lights to keep the bulbs protected and the line clear of any knots.

Recognize Plastic Bins Aren't for Everything

Plastic containers seem like the ideal storage solution because they are see through and inexpensive. They work great in some instances and not so well in others, especially if they don't offer an airtight seal. If you were to put wrapping paper in a storage bin that is not sealed, or into a space with no-climate control, the fluctuations in the humidity levels would cause the paper to warp and fade. The same goes for certain ornaments. Fabric lined containers typically work better for these objects.

After taking down all your decorations, preparing them for storage is probably the last thing you want to do. But remember, the more effort you put into proper storage, the longer the decorations will last.