How To Create A Modern Carport

Posted on: 1 February 2018

Setting up a space to protect your car and protect your storage is important. Although you may not be able to make a garage at your home, you can build a good carport. After laying cement on the ground, you can set up a carport. Carports provide protection for the items that are underneath, including the sun and other weather patterns that come through. Instead of an older looking carport, you may want a modern carport for your home. Here is a how-to for setting up a modern carport

Go with a curve

Older carports tend to have a tented look with a pitched roof. These work well to disperse rain and snow from the top of the structure, but they can create an aged look to the home. Instead of the pitched look, go with a carport that has a curved or a slanted roof. A curved look is more modern and will protect the entire area of the ground of the carport. A slanted roof that is attached to the side of the home will provide less space but will give the home an edgy look versus a traditional look. 

Install a glass roof

Rather than going with a vinyl or fabric roof to the carport, you can install a glass roof to the carport. A pyrex type of glass that is sturdy and difficult to break will be able to hold up in storms and will be able to allow plenty of sunlight in on good days. Glass carports can also be washed off in the same way that you would power wash windows. The glass will provide a modern and elegant look to a carport, versus the appearance of a small structure. You can have the glass specially made or purchase a carport with a glass roof cover included. 

Have the carport attached to the home 

Instead of having the carport as its own stand-alone feature, you should attach the carport to the home. Attach one side of the metal poles that hole up the carport to the home. This will give the carport a garage-like look, which will appear more modern. Be sure that the carport extends out enough to cover your storage space and each of the cars that you will park inside of the carport. Prior to attaching the carport, check with your insurance to make sure that the structure will be permissible and covered under your insurance policy.