How To Prevent Damage To Your Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 1 February 2018

When you rent a self-storage unit, you may sign an agreement that states you won't cause damage to the unit. However, damaging the walls or floors can be easier than you might think. Moving around heavy items can lead to damage, but there are some ways you can ensure your unit stays in great shape. Use this guide to help ensure your unit remains in the condition you agree to when signing the lease.

Protect The Walls

To prevent dings and dents in the walls, consider lining them before you begin moving items into the unit. You can hang moving blankets along the walls for this purpose. The blankets can act as a buffer against sharp corners from dressers and desks, and they can also provide a bit of added insulation in your storage unit. Another option is to tape broken-down cardboard boxes to the walls. Be sure to allow a few inches between the walls and the items you are storing as an extra precaution against damage.

Use Pallets

Pallets can protect your items in storage from being exposed to leaks, moisture, and dust, but they can also protect the storage unit's floor as well. Purchase or rent wooden pallets for your storage unit, and arrange them along the walls before you begin to move boxes in. Stack the boxes on top of the pallets to prevent scratching and scuffing the floors. If you can't find pallets, you can also use cardboard to line the floor as well as the walls.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning your unit regularly provides a host of benefits. It protects the items you have stored, and it prevents the unit from becoming dirty and grimy. Another benefit is that it can help you identify pest problems before they get out of hand. Mice in your unit, for example, can chew through the walls and damage the storage space. By performing regular cleaning and keeping everything organized, you can eliminate pest hiding spots and prevent potential issues. Take the time to sweep corners, move boxes around, wipe down surfaces, and vacuum cobwebs.

Keep Your Door And Lock Maintained

Security is important for your storage unit. Not only does keeping the door and lock maintained help protect your items, but it can also help prevent vandalism to the actual unit. Check your lock regularly, and keep the door glides and hinges properly oiled. If you are allowed to bring your own lock, consider changing it from time to time to help ensure no one is able to guess the combination.

Take pictures of your unit before you move in so you have proof of the condition at the time you sign the rental agreement. Make a note of any existing damage, and have the storage facility acknowledge the damage in writing before you move in. This can help ensure you get any deposit money back when you move out of the unit. Click here, or on similar sites, for more info.