Frustrated With A Cramped Storage Unit? 3 Tips For Opening It Up

Posted on: 25 July 2019

Renting a self storage unit can get frustrating when you suddenly find that you don't have enough space for all of your items. Whether you've just begun renting a storage unit only recently or you've had it for a long time and are simply running out of space, there are a lot of things that you can do to help make the storage unit appear larger and have more room for all of your things.

Consider the following tips to maximize storage space without upgrading to a larger storage unit for more money.

Add Shelving If Possible

The easiest way to expand the storage options is to simply have shelving installed. While some storage facilities will have no problem with you mounting shelving to the walls, others might not allow you to make any changes to the interior. If this is the case, adding some simple shelving units can provide a way to stack boxes and smaller items without the storage unit becoming difficult to navigate.

Keeping labels facing towards can make sure you're able to enjoy shelving without a storage unit being difficult to get around and find things.

Reorganize the Contents

Removing some items from boxes and bags can give you the opportunity to reorganize things so that they take up less space. Having a mix of items of different shapes in boxes can be counterproductive to saving space, making it a good idea to reorganize things as needed so that the storage unit space is being used wisely.

Reorganizing everything can also help give you a better understanding of what's inside the storage unit so that you feel comfortable with how your storage unit is being used.

Get Rid of Some Items

As you take a look at everything inside the storage unit, you may find there some things that you don't need to hold onto anymore. Getting rid of some of your things can help you make sure that your storage unit isn't cramped and that you're not going to be frustrated with the storage unit feeling too cramped. This will provide the opportunity for having more storage space to use in the future as well.

Renting a storage unit can be a great option when you need more space than what your home offers, but it can often lead to you being unhappy with how cramped the storage unit is. Instead of having difficulty using your storage unit due to its size, consider the following tips that can help make using your storage unit much easier.